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Green Clubs

Green Clubs is an interactive tool which can help you learn about actions which will improve environmental sustainability at your sports club.

Within Green Clubs there are over 70 ideas for improving sustainability and reducing bills. A typical club could cut its running costs by between 10 and 20%.

Within Green Clubs you will find three community sports clubs of different sizes, which each have various combinations of rooms. Each room contains a range of “hotspots” - these are markers which you can click on to get tips on improving sustainability.

Before entering the Green Clubs tool, use the table to work out which club size best represents your club.

table green clubs

Once inside the tool, select your chosen club size and use the navigation bar at the bottom of the page to visit the different rooms. When you have entered your chosen room, click on the hotspots to access the sustainability tips. As every club is unique, you may want to visit more than one club within the tool in order to access advice which covers all aspects of your building.

Enter Green Clubs

Watch our club audit video to learn about undertaking an audit to identify which sustainability measures apply to your club.